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we will follow the story with more at the top of the hour. >> counselors. staff the school in valley springs after the arrest of levee's orlando brother in the 8-year-old girl's mother. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins with the latest. >> it is a stunning town of events in the killing of leila fowler. police days ago looked for a suspect described only as man with long gray hair. the manhundred is over and leila fowler's brother is charged. a memorial remains outside the valley springs home where leila fowler was found murdered on april 27. her killing set off an intense manhunt cross calaveras county. her brother told police he was home at the time when he saw an intruder run from the house but authorities never found that suspect. days later, he joined the family at a vigil. we obscure his face because he is a juvenile. the boy was arrested on saturday
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at a fundraiser for the family. organizers say some people are demanding their money back but others have sympathy for the family. >> it turned to hurt and anger. people were angry we would continue to hold this thing so in our best interests we decided we were not going to do it. >> we feel sorry for the family because these poor people have lost two of their children. our hearts go out to them and our prayers. >> the news another blow for the community, calaveras county sheriff will not say what led them to arrest the boy. school districts say they will have counselors available at the valley springs school where leila fowler and her brother attended. >> state with abc7 news for continuing coverage of leila fowler case with more throughout the morning and on-line any time at abc7 news come. breaking twitter,
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as well. >> the teams competing in america's cup will meet tomorrow with a team of experts joining the investigation into the deadly accident on the bay. a british sailor died when the boat failed during a practice run north of treasure island. the father of one of the sailors said his son heard a loud cracking noise before the catamaran snapped in half suggesting a cross peoples broke. officials say it is too soon to draw any conclusions. >> we have to understand how the capsize happened. there are many theories. there are different theories that conflict. we need the facts. >> 36-year-old andrew simpson died after being trapped beneath the wreckage for ten minutes. >> police are investigating the death of a man found shot in the hills above uc berkeley outside
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a car packed near centennial drive. police received several 9-1-1 calls about a shooting. police investigated the crime for 12 hours. >> a search is underway in lake county for a nine-year-old awe advertise tick girl who is unable to speak. investigators say because of her mental state, age and circumstances, she is considered "at risk" and amber alert was issued and canceled because police say the case does not meet the criteria at the time. in fremont, police are searching for a missing teen that could be in a stolen truck with a 30-year-old man. the 15-year-old is described as hispanic and 4' 1" at 90 pounds.
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she was seen saturday at her uncle's home and she may be in a stolen white ford pickup license plate 6e82209. there is a white camper shell and a raised suspension. >> manhunt is intensifying in the woods for a northern california man wanted for murder of his family. investigators believe the 45-year-old shane miller killed his wife and two daughters in shasta agents. teams from three counties have joined in the search. the bodies were found inside a home in shingletown. his truck was found on wednesday. he is believed armed with additional weapons stashed in a cabin. the photos show feets headed to search for him in the back woods
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ov tekd. >> a cleveland man where a man kept three women captive is considered evidence but neighbors say they want the home of ariel castro torn down. the doors and ones of the house have been boarded up and there is a fence to keep people out. officials say there have been threats to bun the house down. castro is if jail on $8 million bail charged with kidnapping and rape. his brothers, pedro and onil have been cleared. speak spoke over the weekend saying they never suspected what their brother is accused of. >> could never think of doing anything like that. if i flew, i would have reported, brother or no brother. >> two of the alleged victims, amanda berry and gina dejesus are spending time with their families. the whereabouts of the third, michelle knight, is a mystery. she shunned her family say she is "happy and safe."
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>> o.j. is headed back to court appealing a 2008 conviction on armed robbery and kidnapping charges. the 65-year-old hall of fame football star wants a new trial claiming the lawyer botched his defense. he is serving nine to 33 years in nevada prison after a jury found him guilty of leading a robbery at gunpoint of two sports memorabelia dealers in a hotel room. >> man is coughing after falling off a clip in santa cruz. the man lost consciousness after falling down a 15' cliff on west cliff drive. crews rigged a hadtory bring him they safety and he was taken by air ambulance to stanford. >> we will find out the official prediction for how bad wildfire season will be if california and across the west. agriculture secretary vilsack and interior secretary plan to outline the wildfire season
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forecast. two massive wildfires have devastated southern california recently. the secretaries say last year the wildfires schooled more than 4,400 structures and nine million acres of private, state, andederal land. >> game five for the warriors leading for san antonio after evening the lay off series against the spurs, against coming down to overtime. excited fans poured from the oracle arena after the legalling win right here with steph curry playing on an injured ankle and barness led the team with 26 points and thompson tied the game with 30 seconds left sending it to overtime where it was all warriors. they pulled ahead to a 97-87 victory. now two games each and game five and tomorrow night in san antonio and game six at oracle
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arena. warrior fans have been sending photos, including two lucky fans up close and personal with steph curry. we want to see your pride in the playoffs by mailing your photos to us. >> i would like to see more shots of spurs coach just like that. >> we will check with our meteorologist and see if we have smiles out there. >> i like sunny but a lot of people like clouds in the morning. >> that is what we have, but for in the south by and in the east bay develop, and in the north bay we have fog so watch out around santa rosa. temperatures in the 50's but for novato and santa rosa at 48 and antioch is warmer at 60. when you step outside, most of us are in the 50's by 7:00. the coast could be in the upper
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40's with clouds in the same area making a push to the east bay valley and south bay but by noon it is sunny but the coast ha stubborn clouds and 64 at lunch and 56 at the coast. most of us have just a few high clouds and a few low clouds where you struggle at 59 and throw upper 70's for the bay and inland and 50's at the coast and 60's around the bay and 70's at 7:00. no more 90's in the rest, those stepped yesterday. i don't see many in the forecast, if any, all seven days. we focus on the next three, tomorrow we get sunshine quicker and a couple of degrees warmer and the cool breezes kickback in and another cooling trend on wednesday into thursday. are there hotspots traffic wise? >> quiet so far on this monday back to work day. in san jose, this is the drive along 280 away from 17 and clear conditions and a couple cars in the nobody direction and
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southbound side is empty and we have a high wind advisory issued by c.h.p. on the san mateo bridge but other than that a couple of construction projects and the top of the screen shows orange indicating low-lying clouds possibly some fog that could be hampering the drive so watch out. as we look at construction southbound 880, between high and 66 we have one lane blocked until at least 5:00 a.m. and a check of the mass transit, bart, muni and caltrain, all on time. >> next, homes in jeopardy, the search for a cause as homes in a northern california community sink slowly in the earth. >> this morning, barbara walters is making
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area
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this is abc7 news. >> developing news from lake county. homeowners will meet with county supervisors to talk about a neighborhood literally sinking into the ground happening about 70 miles north of saab that rose with half a dozen homes damaged by a collapsing hillside and 30 others are in danger. mail delivery is suspended. eight families have moved out and ten more got notices to evacuate immediately. >> it looked like an earthquake quit. the amount of damage was phenomenal. >> we are known for earthquakes and water and those things but for us, this is unusual. >> engineers believe ground water bubbling to the surface could be to blame. they say the land could be on a volume attend. supervisors have asked the governor to declare a state of emergency to get funding to stabilize the utilities. >> san francisco police are warning residents of scamers
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posing as utility employees making phone calls demanding money. the suspects say they need payment for overdue bills and the only payment accepted is through money pack. the water department would ever ask for payment this way. >> she has been the face and voice of abc7 news for a long-term. now, television superstar barbara walters is about to retire our reporter will look back at barbara walters' long career. >> abc7 news news legend barbara walters is retiring. she will make the announcement on monday on "the view." she will continue on "the view" and on specials throughout the year and retire in the summer of 2014. barbara walters has arguably interviewed more statesmen and stars than any other journalists in history including every american president and first lady since richard nixon. >> law the years she interviewed
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countless world figures including castro and muammar qaddafi and saddam. in december she had an interview with syrian's embattled president bashar al-assad and conducted the first interview with monica lewinsky, the highest rated news program broadcast by a single network. barbara walters is the creator and cohost of "the view." she hosted the news magazine "20/20" for 25 years. >> some incredible video this morning from minnesota, residents long the lake have been forced to evacuate because of an ice tsunami. the ice moves quickly into the neighbor. it is called an ice shove. it moves quickly when high winds
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propel the sheets to the shore of the lake. it packed new punch to break windows and knock down doors and topple walls. people had to quickly get out. >> never seen that before. that is frightening looking. >> usually the ice is again by this time of year so they have record late dates for ice and normally they do not is the ice when the wind picks up. that is another reason not to live there. >> a reason to live here. >> there are many reasons to live here. good morning, everyone, all kidding know that, we are looking at radar and satellite, live doppler 7 hd shows clouds hanging out. the winds will be up at 15- to 25-knots and you can see some of this spilling into the bay and that is where this is a small craft advisory from 3:00 this afternoon through 3:00 wednesday
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morning. to the port of oakland under the bay bridge, we will have sunshine this afternoon. it will take longer. it will be tempered by the breeze. it will not be so warm. if you did not see the air conditioning over the weekend you will not need it next seven days. minor cooling through the week. no real wild swings in temperatures but no rain, either. the clouds are thick in the north bay with more fog and marine layer clouds. not so much in the east bay valley and south bay. by 9:00 you are seeing plenty of sunshine and by noon the clouds are back to the coast where they will stay. it is the sea breeze that is going to get our temperatures. in the south bay, and talk about 75 degrees and 74 in san jose today and from 72 in milpitas to low-to-mid 80's around morgan hill so they do not feel the sea
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breeze. upper 60's in millbrae and low-to-mid 70's for the rest of us, and upper 50's long the coast today to mid-and-upper 60's in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 70's in the north bay valley but temperatures are about 20 degrees cooler at the beaches and up more 60's to low 70's and we could reach 74 in union city and hercules and 75 in fremont. a's are taking on the rangers at 7:00, at 63 dropping to 57. tonight the temperatures are in the 50's with a few 40's in the north bay valley. we could go up a degree or two tomorrow but we drop two to four degrees on wednesday and more on thursday and more on friday, and steady through the weekend. >> this is coming from albany to berkeley to emeryville we have a clear drive. at 580 i have drive time traffic
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but coming away from 580 the drive is looking nice along eastbound 80 to the toll lazy and not too much traffic from oakland to san francisco. if you are traveling along highway four between antioch and concord you are at 17 minutes head away from address to dublin , and we have construction on the bay bridge. over to you. >> british prime minister cameron visits the white house today for talks prior to the june summit of the world top eight industrial nations. he and president obama will talk about syria's civil war, iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and counterterrorism and trade. the prime minister will host the g-8 summit down17 and june 18 in northern ireland. president obama looks forward to attending. >> this week, the treasury department is expected to release the results of an investigation into the internal revenue service targeting of tea
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party groups. the i.r.s. flames low level employees for targeting the groups but republicans question that. republican senator collins of maine says if it were just a handful of rogue i.r.s. agents official would is fired those involved. a report said senior officials knew of the targeting in 2011. >> the chairman of the congressional committee is demanding to hear from a veteran dip mack and former chairman of the couldn't chiefs of staff about the deadly attack in benghazi. today, republican issa will pursue depositions from retired ambassador pickerring and retired admiral mullen. he wants to know who the pair specific to reach their conclusion that then secretary of state hillary clinton did not direct the response to the pair of nighttime attacks in libya. pickerring says there is no evidence that high-level state department officials were responsible but said bad decisions were made by lower
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ranking individuals. >> no one won the powerball jackpot but there is a ticket holder smiling big in the bay area. we tell you where a big winner bought a ticket. ought deadline that could determine where the controversial morning after pill will be available to young girl
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welcome back on this monday. voting continues in vallejo how to spend $3 million for neighborhood projects. residents can choose among 35 projects from street improvements and support for parks and schools and cultural projects. the vote is open to everyone age 16 and older. residents can go to vallejo city hall to vote. >> california began playing powerball a month ago and a player in petaluma is richer.
4:54 am
a shell station on petaluma boulevard north sold a ticket worth $573,000! >> not bad. we could spend that. it is one of three sold in california that match five of the six winning numbers on saturday. the next powerball drawing is wednesday when the jackpot will hit a whopping $350 million! you could not possibly spend that, eric. >> you could not but b, 5 -- but $573 billion will buy you a nice forecast. >> good morning, everyone, the golden gate bridge shows he low the clouds are. it could be drizzle out there, too, as the moisture comes up against your neighborhoods. talk about trees, we will have high amount of pollen and low
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ragweed and moderate grass so the allergy amount for high tree pollen. a storm system to the north and giving the sea breeze more legs than yesterday so we have an onshore flow. near 100 in fresno and 73 at tahoe and 88 to los angeles but 108 in palm springs! that is warm. >> speaking of lakes, running on time on 101 to central san rafael, 101 southbound direction the tail lights are moving to 580 nobody side with no delays or crashes to report. very quiet morning. to the bay bridge, there is a construction project until 6:00 a.m. and the eastbound side has three lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. and in oakland, until 5:30 westbound 580 between 36 and coolidge we have one lane closed. kristen and eric?
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>> 50 members of occupy the farm say they plan to leave their encampment on land owned by uc berkeley. over the weekend 100 marched on the land near marin to protest plans to build a grocery store. they laboratoried crops and vegetation which they plan to tend in the future. university police showed up to warn them the occupation was illegal and trespassers would be removed. >> amtrak what the next generation trains in sacramento where 70 new locomotives are produced by a germany-based company. they replace trains up to 30 years old and will be more reliable and energy efficient and used in the northeast. the first trains go into service in the fall. the half billion cost is being covered by a loan from the federal transportation department. >> the government has only until today to appeal a new york judge's ruling to lit age
4:57 am
restriction on pill. the f.d.a. lowered the age from 17 to 15 and made it available on store shelves rather than behind the counter. the justice department said it planned to appeal the decision if it fails to meet the deadline and would cheer the way for over counter sales of plan "b" one step which the judge says politics are behind efforts by the obama administration to block the unrestricted sale of the pill. >> we are following breaking news from pennsylvania where six people, four children, are dead following a house fire. at 5:00 a.m., it took firefighter as long time to find the victims. >> sweetening the pot in the bid for super bowl, the silicon valley names pledging big bucks to bring the big game to the 49ers new stadium in santa clara.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning coming off of a warm weekend. thanks for joining us. >> first up a check on the weather forecast. mike, what will happen later on today? >> we have clouds in a lot of areas. the fog is in the not bay along the coast where we see the moisture in the form of drizzle. as far as what will happen this afternoon, clouds are going to part quickly as we head through the morning hours especially inland. 73 to 83 from petaluma to livermore. sea breeze will keep us 65 in san francisco to 75 as you head to san jose and at the coast it will be partly sunny with pockets of

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